Stop the Revenu Québec Excesses!


The Quebec Conservative Party is calling for the abolition of Revenu Québec.


Mont-Royal, February 11, 2016. – Équipe Adrien Pouliot – Quebec Conservative Party is calling for the complete abolition of Revenu Québec. 

This administrative reorganization would lead to significant savings for Quebec. The data provided to the Robillard Commission by Revenu Québec is very instructive in this regard. The transfer of collection activities from Revenu Québec to the Canada Revenue Agency would result in annual direct savings of nearly $400 million for the Quebec government, almost half the budget of Revenu Québec. 

And this does not take into account the administrative relief such a transfer would provide. The increased burden to the taxpayers must be added to the cost of duplicating the collection agencies since individuals and companies must complete two tax returns and must deal with two agencies for audits, objections and appeals.

"But even more important," said party leader  Adrien Pouliot, "is the disconcerting reality that Revenu Québec has become the new Gestapo of the Quebec Treasury Department. Documents produced in court as evidence as well as witnesses have confirmed that Revenu Québec employees are encouraged to "squeeze” taxpayers like lemons with quotas and performance bonuses."

We learned this week that a business owner is suing Revenu Québec for $25 million in damages for abusive collection tactics by the agency.

"Yes, taxpayers must pay their taxes, but with Revenu Québec, they are deemed guilty until they prove their innocence, and the so-called “fight against tax evasion" has become an excuse to fill the government’s coffers at the expense of the small taxpayers, the very same ones who are supporting the government" concluded Mr. Pouliot.

Citizens outraged by Revenu Québec’s contemptuous actions can express their views by accessing the party’s "Abolissons Revenu Québec" campaign which has caught the attention of web users in Quebec.


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