Social Programs

Social Programs - Conservative Party of Québec

Encouraging Individual Responsability


Welfare Reform

“The best way to kill a man is to pay him to do nothing.” We agree with these lyrics by Felix Leclerc. We will reform welfare to allow the greatest possible number of Quebecers to work. If a person is incapable of entering the labour market due to lack of training, we will offer him the opportunity to improve his skills (i.e. literacy courses for high school dropouts, or English and French language classes for allophones, etc.). We will also facilitate returning to school on a full-time basis if the necessary prerequisites are met.

A 35-hour volunteer position for a non-profit organization will be offered to whoever cannot find a job within a reasonable time after his training period. We will also restrict the period to which a person able to work can receive welfare to a maximum of 5 cumulative years in total.

In addition, the Conservative Party of Quebec will endeavour to improve the financial support available to needy people who are unable to work.


Permanent annuity without penalty

A Conservative government will bring the benefit replacement program for people with severe and permanent employment constraints by permanent annuity without penalty (eg if you have a spouse, a part-time job or an inheritance).