Santa was generous to the Quebec Conservative Party!

Santa Claus was a bit early this year but he was very generous to the Quebec Conservative Party!

You may recall that after the December 5, 2016 by-elections, Bryan Breguet, of the website 2closetocall, had suggested to pollster Jean-Marc Léger that the PCQ should be added to the list of parties in his polls because the Party was a “real force”.

Further to that suggestion, polling firm Léger Marketing actually included, for the first time in its history, the name of the Quebec Conservative Party among the possible political party preferences in its most recent poll published on December 17. And the results are very encouraging. In the Quebec City region, the Party scored 6%, head-to-head with Quebec Solidaire for the 4th place. And in the province as a whole, we reached 2%, surpassing the magic number of 1% which is required to obtain a reimbursement of 50% of our electoral expenses. Meanwhile, separatist François Legault saw his CAQ party fall by six percentage points in Quebec City.

Adrien Pouliot, the leader of the Quebec Conservative Party comments the results by saying: "Nous nous réjouissons de cette progression. Le PCQ fait maintenant mieux au national que son score à Québec en 2014; c'est IMMENSE comme progrès !  Et maintenant à 6% à Québec alors qu'en 2014, j'avais eu 2,4%."

Yes, we are excited with this progress. But we need your help to continue building the foundations of the party brick-by-brick and increasing our warchest for the 2018 general elections. You have only a few days left to contribute to our Party before the end of the year. Click here and donate what you can ($10, $25 or the $100 maximum per year).

We wish you a very Merry Christmas (the conservatives are not afraid to use that word "Christmas"!) and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

The Communications Team
Quebec Conservative Party

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