Sanguinet - Patrick Chamberland

General Election 2018 - Conservative Party of Québec (PCQ) - Sanguinet - Patrick Chamberland

Father of three daughters, Patrick Chamberland studied in recreational vehicles mechanics and maintenance. He worked in this field for a few years before reorienting himself as construction worker specialized in installation of interior system, an area in which he has been working for 20 years. He is a former Field officer of the Canadian Firearms Association, he has done sports shooting competition before turning to hunting and fishing. As a former scout activity leader, he organized the child-happiness day for five years. In his younger years he has been involved with various political parties on a voluntary basis. He still considers himself a nationalist, but has ceased to find recognizing in separatist parties. He no longer believes in the virtues of sovereignty, among other things because of the mismanagement of the public funds. This freedom lover considered himself a political orphan for the last ten years, but nevertheless made a duty to vote. Tired of going to vote strategically and finding that the results of the electoral compass always pointed in the same direction, he joined today the ranks of the Conservative Party of Quebec.