What happens with the contributions I give to a candidate who withdraws or who does not run?

A person can donate to the Party (National) AND to a candidate for leadership. What happens to donations made to a leadership candidate who withdraws?

There are two types of contributions:

1) To the National; to qualify a candidate.

The contributions given to the National remain within the Party in all cases. We ask that candidates be the source of 1,500$ in Party contributions by December 16th, 2020 and 5,000$ in total by February 17th, 2020 to qualify.

2) To a candidate; to campaign.

When candidates have their own bank account and can raise their own election fund (according to the Election Act of Quebec), they will be able to receive contributions of up to 500$ per elector. Unfortunately, if a candidate withdraws or if his fund generates a surplus after the race, the residual of his fund must be returned to the Chief Electoral Officer of Quebec (CEOQ), not to the Party.