Quebec's place in Canada and the World

Quebec's place in Canada and the World - Conservative Party of Québec

Actively Participate in the Federation

Who said: “Quebec is the anvil on which Canada was formed?” Regardless, this sentence is not false.

Canada is historically a young country. It was formed with Quebec as a cornerstone. Many events have however changed the face of this country since the early French explorers. Since Confederation, Canada has grown ever more westward, including provinces and territories and several ethnic groups such as the first nations, and a vast territory rich in natural and human resources.

The Conservative Party of Quebec values ​​this great country and intends to take on the role of actively representing Quebec within the Confederation and ensure it assumes its role as a founding nation while preserving its characteristic distinctiveness within Canada.

More active participation in the Federation will liberate economic and social forces that will improve the well-being of Quebecers and of all our fellow Canadians. Our efforts will focus on the promotion of free trade within Canada. In collaboration with our Ontario partner, we will seek to extend the scope of the Ontario-Quebec trade agreement and to push it eastward. We will seek a similar agreement to the New West Partnership Trade Agreement, binding on British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. A Government of the Conservative Party of Quebec will ensure such agreements benefit Quebec’s economy. The ultimate trade objective of the Conservative Party of Quebec will be the establishment of free trade within Canada.

Our Influence Abroad

We will want to ensure that Canada’s influence abroad grows. We shall contribute to it in our own way. Already through our involvement in the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, our participation in UNESCO and the strong bilateral relations that we have with some countries such as France, we play a specific role of external representation.

Looking for Synergies

Our party wants to go further by improving synergies with our partners, this time within the country, especially with neighboring provinces and Francophone communities of Canada.

Montreal and the World

One aspect that the Conservative Party of Quebec intends to focus on is to open Montreal, our economic center, to the world even more. The issues addressed in this chapter and in the language and immigration chapters will find in Montreal a fertile and stimulating ground to achieve our goals if we achieve an economic and socially exemplary growth.