PCQ Against a Provincial Long-Gun Registry

Montreal, December 3, 2015

Adrien Pouliot, leader of Team Adrien Pouliot – Quebec Conservative Party, has reiterated today his opposition to the creation of a long-gun registry by the Quebec liberal government.

« Quebec taxpayers have been squeezed like lemons since the election of the Couillard liberals and now is not the time to launch such a new public expenditure. Actually, I have serious reservations about the projected implementation cost of $15 to $20 million announced by acting Minister of Public Security Pierrre Moreau – which is way lower than the cost estimated by Minister Lise Thériault in the spring.  Who are we to believe, at a time when the Auditor General just signed off on a devastating report regarding the management of IT expenditures by the government?  Looking at the federal registry which ended up costing 1,000 times more than anticipated, the cost projection by the Minister is a pipe dream » said Mr. Pouliot.

The leader of the Quebec Conservative Party also denounced the unanimous motions of the National Assembly supporting a provincial registry.  “Our MNAs are disconnected and none talk on behalf of their constituents since a majority of Quebecers are against a provincial registry.  Am I the only one who listens to what our electors are saying even if it is not politically correct?  Am I the only one to believe that the 500,000 long-gun permit holders in Quebec should not be treated like irresponsible criminals? ».

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