Justice - Conservative Party of Québec

A Humane But Firm Justice


One of the most fundamental missions of a government is the administration of justice, both civil and criminal, as well as the protection of our institutions, our way of life and the security of our citizens. In the framework of the Canadian Federal system, justice is a jurisdiction that is shared between the federal government and the provinces and territories. The criminal code falls under federal jurisdiction while the administration of justice comes under provincial and territorial jurisdiction, including the civil and criminal courts within its territory.

The federal government manages the penitentiaries that accommodate people serving a sentence of two years or more. It has also created Parole Boards, who have the exclusive authority to grant, deny, cancel or revoke day parole or full parole to inmates in federal prisons. The board can also order inmates to serve their full sentence.

The provinces, for their part, are responsible for those who have a sentence of less than two years. Quebec and Ontario are the only two provinces that have boards with the power to grant parole to offenders serving a sentence of less than two years.

A More Expedient Administration of Justice

Quebec has a very important role in administering justice. This mission, which is essential for the government, has experienced throughout the years its share of budgetary restrictions by Quebec governments, who have chosen to administer justice according to the impulse of their budgetary allocations. In playing this dangerous game, these governments have failed on all levels. The results are obvious to all. Our investigators are not up to the task. The lawyers who work for the Attorney General, who represents the public interest, are crushed by the workload. Several crimes are not considered serious enough for us to prosecute those who have perpetrated them.  Accused are released because it takes too much time to prosecute them.

The Conservative Party of Quebec adheres to the principle of equality of individuals, meaning the equality of all before the law, and the responsibility of individuals. Laws exist for all, and all must comply and benefit, or suffer the consequences. The Conservative Party of Quebec believes in everyone’s fundamental right to personal security and security of personal property; and to ensure this we must be firmer in the administration of justice and of public safety. We will allocate to the Justice department the resources necessary to fulfill its mandate. Justice must be dissuasive. A Government of the Conservative Party of Quebec will accelerate the administration of justice.

Economic crimes

In Quebec, most of the investigations on economic crimes led by the Sûreté du Québec originate from requests from the government or from government organizations. This leaves little room for complaints coming from the private sector. It does not have to be like this since the Minister of Justice has the power to direct the Director of Public Prosecutions to allow, in the public interest, private criminal prosecutions (entirely supported by the plaintiff) to proceed in parallel with public prosecutions. A Government of the Conservative Party of Quebec will instruct the Director of Public Prosecutions to allow private sector criminal prosecutions for suspected economic crimes.

The Hunting Rifle Registry

The Conservative Party of Quebec is against the Quebec Hunting fire-arms Registry enabled under Bill 20.  The legislative requirements of the federal government in terms of acquisition and possession of hunting weapons are already quite severe. This bill will have no effect on the number of homicides by hunting rifles.