Jacques-Cartier - Louis-Charles Fortier

General Election 2018 - Conservative Party of Québec (PCQ) - Jacques-Cartier - Louis-Charles Fortier

Louis-Charles Fortier is a conviction politician, believing that we become stronger by uniting through our common values.  In political circles, he’s known as an effective negotiator and an advocate for Thatcherite economics.  Fluently bilingual, he is in a unique position to represent all Canadians.  He is a strong believer in unity and the power of modern conservatism. Louis-Charles maintains a position as an IT Consultant for a major telecommunications company.  He is fair, driven, and knowledgeable having obtained numerous certificates and competencies within his field.  He is also a small business owner for over twenty years. Louis-Charles is a tenacious proponent of individual rights and freedoms and sound fiscal spending.  He supports micro-loan programs and foodbanks.  He involves himself in his community as an active member of a service organization and as an ambassador for his local club.  Previously he ran an English-language practice group and organized the annual block party for his street.  He lives in Montreal with his wife and their two dogs.