In response to Minister Kathleen Weil

Ms. Weil,

The Bonjour, Hi motion was not misunderstood by the Anglophones in this province. In fact, the message was delivered loud and clear – English, and by extension, Anglophones, are not welcome here. To say that there wasn’t a negative message in the motion merely insults the intelligence of Quebecers

''There's now a minister that has a responsibility to be on the ground, to listen to the concerns of the English-speaking community,'' these were your words not two months ago. Which Quebec Anglophones were you listening to when you voted against Bonjour, Hi?

The clamor over Bonjour, Hi has not, as you believe, gotten out of hand. It is the response of a frustrated population who thought that things were finally going to improve. That was the promise of a secretariat for Anglophone affairs. You were supposed to be the one person in the government that would listen to them and fight their corner. Instead, you sold out the very population that you’re meant to be representing.

Or perhaps you’re taking your example from the previous minister for Anglophone affairs, Jean-François Lisée.

Adrien Pouliot
Leader of the Quebec Conservatives Party

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