Competition in Public Transportation

Municipalities wishing to offer additional public transportation …

Resolution #140 : Competition in Public Transportation (Official French version)

Municipalities wishing to offer additional public transportation services must deal with very high costs. The salaries paid to employees of municipalities with a population of 25,000 people or more is 18.6% above the level offered to employees of the provincial public sector. When benefits are factored in, their total compensation reaches a level which is 33.6% above that of the provincial public sector. The employees of municipal transportation authorities enjoy compensation levels which are roughly comparable to their municipal colleagues.

The current costs of public transportation are an obstacle to its development. In certain areas, if we require public transportation commissions to increase the frequency or the number of runs, additional losses would be incurred as a result of the high compensation offered to their employees.

In addition, the monopoly enjoyed by public transportation authorities forestalls the development of complementary or competitive services. Such private transportation services could meet particular needs, increase the services in areas less well served or enhance the number and frequency of services. Such competition could convince public transportation commissions to better manage their costs or to suspend services which are no longer required.

A CPQ government will favour the development of private transportation services if they are profitable, complementary or competitive. The second paragraph of section 80 of the «Loi sur les sociétés de transport en commun» will be abolished.