A Strong Economy Supports a Strong Language

French is a beautiful language and it represents Quebecers most …

Resolution #135 : A Strong Economy Supports a Strong Language (Official French version)

French is a beautiful language and it represents Quebecers most powerful cultural symbols. Our party is committed to be its ardent defender in Québec and in Canada, so that it can, through a ripple effect, also shine outside the country's borders. This undertaking is therefore one of the cornerstones of our platform.

The promotion of the French language will be at the forefront of our relations with the Federal government as well as with the other provinces and territories. The promotion of the French language in all public institutions, and the promotion of French immersion and student exchange programs will be one of our measurable targets. They will be implemented with tact and in a constructive manner without arrogance. Thus, with determination, A CPQ government promises to protect and promote the French language in the country. We look forward to a more bilingual and more harmonious Canada where Québec takes its rightful place.

To the extent of its possibilities and of its responsibilities, a CPQ government will promote the vitality of the French language at the international level, particularly through artistic activities and exchange programs. We will seek to bring the different linguistic communities closer together by building bridges between them rather than erect barriers.

A CPQ government will promote the development of the French language by focusing on the attraction of the French language within the context of Bill 101. Moreover, our love of the French language doesn't translate into fear of other languages. To be able to develop and prosper across the world, Quebecers, and especially our youth, need to learn other languages, notably English. A CPQ government will prioritize the improvement of the quality of its French-language instruction in Québec primary and secondary schools and will require a working knowledge of the English language as a minimum standard for all Québec students to obtain a high school diploma.

We are opposed to the extension of Bill 101 to College students.

We will adopt, as a government, economic and fiscal policies which will end the relative decline that Québec has come to know in the last 50 years. A strong economy will contribute to the development of French and increase its attraction. We will put an end to the exodus of our citizens and attract newcomers who will be happy to come and willing to work in French.

Minority language communities will be guided and encouraged to adopt our language as a means of mutual enrichment. We will end the perception of linguistic xenophobia on the part of the government.