Open Data

A government of the Conservative Party of Québec will publish, in …

Resolution #77 : Open Data (Official French version)

A government of the Conservative Party of Québec will publish, in open and easy to search databases for citizens and IT systems, data on:

  • First, all the expenses of MNAs and their staff at the National Assembly, as well as all the salaries, bonuses and benefits granted to all senior executives in the public service.
  • Then, in accordance with the Open Data Barometer : All historical, current and projected data concerning:
    • mapping of the Province’s territory.
    • land registers.
    • demography.
    • the income and expenditure of the State, including all salaries, all proposals received for tenders and all subsidies paid.
    • the register of businesses, including the surname and first name of directors and their role.
    • all legislation.
    • the state of provincial transportation networks and utilities.
    • international trade agreements as well as trade volumes.
    • the healthcare system’s performance.
    • the performance of primary, secondary and college school networks.
    • crime statistics, including the list of wanted criminals and individuals considered dangerous.
    • environmental and public health statistics, as well as a geo-referenced list of all recorded incidents and public decisions having an environmental impact, and the quantification of this impact (e.g. the number of litres of a spill).
    • electoral results.