A CPQ government wishes to give to all parents of preschoolers free …

Resolution #44: Daycares (Official French version)

A CPQ government wishes to give to all parents of preschoolers free choice in child care. It will provide, by the end of its first mandate, an allocation of $100 per week per eligible child for child care. This allowance, which could be taxable, will be paid to either parent of the child Parents can then choose for their child the type of care that best suits them. It goes without saying that parents who choose private subsidized daycare or CPE will see the daily amount of $7.00 that they spend per child in care gradually increase as the weekly allowance also increases. Of course, the subsidy amount paid to subsidized daycares and the CPE will be adjusted accordingly. When this allocation will reach $100.00 per week, the daily rate will be deregulated and daycares may determine the price they charge for their services.

Any qualified people may open a daycare in accordance with government standards if they are able to finance it. Waiting lists will quickly disappear while competition among daycare centers will allow parents to have more choice in the operating hours and on the nature of the services offered.

The Ministry of Family, freed from the obligation of monitoring compliance with the pricing policy of $7.00 per day, will be able to devote more effort to inspect daycares to ensure suitable environment for children who attend them.