A Competitive Approach in School Funding

While preserving the universal access to education, A CPQ government …

Resolution #42 : A Competitive Approach in School Funding (Official French version)

While preserving the universal access to education, A CPQ government advocates a funding method that puts parents at the forefront. This funding method is based on a universal system of school vouchers, as experienced in New Zealand, Denmark and Sweden, among other countries. Through these school vouchers, any parent of a child enrolled in elementary or secondary school may choose a public school in their district, a school in the neighbouring district or a private school (profit or non-profit) of their choice. All parents will receive the same amount of money per child enrolled regardless of the chosen school. The value of the voucher will be adjusted according to grade level, geography, learning and adaptation difficulties of students, etc.

The Ministry of Education already uses a similar formula to fund universities and CEGEPs. In fact, post-secondary students choose their programs at their CEGEP or university and these post-secondary establishments receive a subsidy equal to the number of courses taken by those enrolled in the program at a particular time. In exercising these choices, students make universities and CEGEPs compete.

Universal school vouchers will be available to all parents. Parental choice is likely to increase the quality of schools since better schools will receive higher funding. It seems obvious that schools that offer the best training and those best suited to the needs of students will be chosen more often.