Autonomous Schools, French School Boards Abolished

A CPQ government will increase the responsibilities of institutional …

Resolution #32: Autonomous Schools, School Boards Abolished (Official French version)

A CPQ government will increase the responsibilities of institutional councils in schools to transform them into true boards of directors. We will also strengthen the role of principals so that they can fully exercise their leadership in teaching and administration.

The task of hiring and evaluating teachers, professionals and support staff will be given back to the school principals. Principals will negotiate the compensation of staff with their respective unions or directly with non-union personnel and may, in the context of a fair assessment, dismiss those who do not have the required skills. Schools will rent their premises from the Ministry or from other agencies or they can buy them. They will manage their buildings and the required transportation for their students. We aim to create autonomous schools, close to the population they serve, in a decentralized management context.

French school boards will be abolished; English school boards will be kept, as mandated by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Property taxes will be reserved exclusively for municipalities. The abolition will not, however, impact the financial situation of the province.