On October 15, Adrien Pouliot, leader of the Conservative Party of Québec, advised the Party that he wished that the Party launch a process to select a new leader through a membership vote. Your National Executive kicked off the process and chose April 17, 2021 as the election date.

The election rules provide that any contending candidate must demonstrate that his campaign has raised a total of at least 1 500$ in contributions to the Party by December 23, 2020 and a total amount of 5 000$ on or before February 17, 2021.

During the race, you therefore have two ways to contribute: (1) you can contribute to a candidate's campaign fund and (2) you can contribute to the Party. You can do one or the other or both.

  • If you want to contribute to a candidate's campaign fund, these funds will be used to finance his or her own campaign expenses, such as advertising or the like. These contributions are limited to 500$ per voter per candidate.

  • If you want to contribute to the Party, these contributions will be used for Party’s operations and events and for the 2022 general election. These contributions allow the Party to obtain a matching grant from the government equal to 2,5 times the amount you contribute. These contributions to the Party are limited to 100$ per voter per calendar 

Additionally, when you contribute to the Party, you can specify that you are doing so to help the aspiring candidate meet the 5 000$ fund-raising requirement. 

YOUR DONATION IS NON-REFUNDABLE, so make sure that it is done in the right way, if necessary, contact me ([email protected]) or your candidate to make sure.

In case # 1, to contribute directly to a candidate's campaign fund

When you are on the Élections Québec website (after clicking on MAKE A CONTRIBUTION below), choose A CANDIDATE TO A LEADERSHIP RACE, then PARTI CONSERVATEUR DU QUÉBEC/CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF QUÉBEC and choose your candidate.

In case # 2, 
to contribute to the Party

When you are on the Élections Québec site (after having clicked on MAKE A CONTRIBUTION below), choose A POLITICAL PARTY, then PARTI CONSERVATEUR DU QUÉBEC/CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF QUÉBEC.

Go to the next step. IF YOU THEN WANT TO TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO HELP A CANDIDATE TO MEET THE 5 000$ fund-raising requirement, indicate your candidate's name in the note. 

To make your contribution right now, please click on " MAKE A CONTRIBUTION ".  We thank you in advance for your contribution!


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