Culture - Conservative Party of Québec

Targeted Support


Artists practically form a society in themselves where the values and the ways of doing things may differ from that of the general population. Everybody will however agree that the arts are an essential part of a flourishing society, of its progress and of improved well-being. How should a federal, provincial or municipal government act facing this reality? And how should artists behave vis-à-vis the government?

Two questions spontaneously come to mind: that of the governmental funding and that of the freedom and responsibility of the artist.

The Conservative Party of Quebec answers these questions by advocating for targeted funding on one hand and full creative artistic freedom of responsible artists on the other hand.

The Conservative Party of Quebec proposes to review funding to better target the promotion of culture. We wish to encourage the emergence of young talent, the creation and experimentation of artistic projects, the dissemination of promising projects, the facilitation of access to culture for the general population and the creation of strong private sponsorship.

The objective of this policy is to increase the quantity and quality of artistic productions, to create opportunities and to shine within and without our borders and to build strong private sponsorship. In this, we envision the emergence of a more dynamic, more diversified, cultural environment which will provide more freedom and be open to the world.
This brings us back to the creative freedom which must be without constraint, without government interference in the creative process and without political compromise on the part of the artist. A population that likes attending the arts and cultural venues is the best guarantee of the freedom, of the creative vitality and of the autonomy of the artist.