Dear members and supporters,

The Conservative Party invites you to its General Council which will be held on May 2nd and 3rd, 2020 in Quebec City. Come and get to know the Party authorities, meet other members from all over Quebec, attend the conferences of our prestigious guests, contribute to the enrichment of the Party platform, participate in our political workshops in a atmosphere both modern and warm. In addition, we are offering you a great novelty this year: the “Town Hall” conference of the National Executive Board, where everyone will share their mid-term report with you.

After Drummondville, Trois-Rivières and Montreal, we are proud to hold this General Council in Quebec City, the Capitale-Nationale.

The decisions of the current government, and the interventions of the other parties present in the National Assembly, clearly show us that we are the only right-wing party in Quebec. At our National Convention last year, it was under the theme "Moving Forward" that we allowed ourselves to build a strong management team to represent you. In 2020, your involvement will allow us to have a program closer of what we are as a nation, a journey "to the verry heart of our values"!

- The 2020 General Council Committee

Photo d'Adrien Pouliot

Adrien Pouliot,

Do you think that CAQ=LPQ 2.0=PQ 2.0 ? The "changes" of the CAQ, is it fluff? You are disappointed with the CAQ's slippage to the left: no tax cuts, solicitation with the Greens, “dirty” oil from Alberta, our wasted taxes to save our “flagships” or to build 1 million $ classes, constantly growing bureaucracy?

There is a party that offers real change, not just a change of face but a change in the role of the state and the bureaucracy in our lives. This party is the Conservative Party of Québec. Come and discuss with us what it takes to put Quebec on the rails for the creation of wealth and the autonomy of individuals!

We are waiting for you at the General Council on May 2nd and 3rd, 2020!


Samuel Fillion Doiron,
Interim National President

A General Council is an extraordinary opportunity to discuss social issues. Have you noticed that the debate of ideas are happening "to the right" of the political spectrum? To the left of us, it's the reign of "one thought" and even more to the left, we speak of "magic thought".

We, the Conservatives, must have a progressive political platform, representing the true aspirations of Quebecers. The 2020 General Council is the perfect opportunity to continue to build it.

Thanks for your presence !

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