Dear members and supporters,

The Conservative Party invites you to its Virtual General Council which will be held on September 27th, 2020 on GoToWebinar. Come and get to know the Party authorities and contribute to the Party platform by participating in our political workshops.

The decisions of the current government, and the interventions of the other parties present in the National Assembly, clearly show us that we are the only right-wing party in Quebec. At our National Convention last year, it was under the theme "Moving Forward" that we allowed ourselves to build a strong management team to represent you. In 2020, your involvement will allow us to have a program closer of what we are as a nation, a journey "to the verry heart of our values"!

- The 2020 Virtual General Council Committee

CG2020 Welcome Adrien Pouliot

CG2020 Welcome Patrice Raza


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