Dear members and supporters,

The Conservative Party of Québec is holding its Convention in Montreal (Pointe-Claire), on April 6 and 7, 2019. We are counting on you to attend. Come one, come all from across Quebec to participate in our Conventions, workshops, and the election of your National Executive Board (BEN).

After conventions in Drummondville, Trois-Rivières, and Québec City, we are proud to host this Convention in Montreal, Québec's metropolis.

The decisions of the current government and the actions of the other parties present in the National Assembly clearly define us as the only right-wing party in Québec. After "better defining our positioning" at the 2018 General Council, your involvement will now allow us to have a structured program that resembles Québecers and will allow us to "move forward."

- The 2019 Convention Committee

Photo d'Adrien Pouliot

Adrien Pouliot,
Leader of the Conservative Party of Québec

To be conservative is to defend the rights of individuals to act with respect towards the freedoms of others. It is believing in the responsibility of every citizen and wanting to reduce the size and better define the role of the government.

The Convention is a unique chance to express our values. Come and experience this moment with us!

Jean-Nicolas Marchand
Chair of the Conservative Party of Québec

The Convention is an extraordinary opportunity to discuss societal issues. Have you noticed the debate and the exchange of ideas happening "on the right" of the political chessboard? To the left of us is the kingdom of "unique thought" and further to the left is "magical thinking."

We, the Conservatives, must have a responsible political platform, representing the real aspirations of Québecers. The 2019 Convention is the perfect opportunity to build this.

Because in politics, we add, we do not subtract.


We look forward to seeing you!

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