Schedule - Conservative Party of Québec




Saturday April 8th 2017



7h30 to 9h30 Registration and breakfast

9h30 to 9h45 Opening speech

Election process and vote of confidence.


9h45 to 10h30 Conference talk Marie-Josée Garneau – Business women

10h30 to 11h00 Conference talk Jessy Mc Nicholl - Social net


11h00 to 11h20 Pause


11h30 to 12h15 Conference talk Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu – Transparency


12h15 to 13h30 Lunch – Maxime Bernier speech


13h30 to 16h00 Workshops


16h00 to 16h20 Pause


16h30 to 16h45 Vote of confidence results

16h45 to 17h00 Financial reports

17h00 to 17h30 Leader speech


17h30 Cocktail - Andrew Scheer speech at 17h45

18h45 Rick Peterson speech




Sunday April 9th 2017


7h30 to 9h00 Breakfast

9h00 to 11h00 Plenary session

11h00 to 11h15 Introduction of the new National Executive (BEN)


11h15 to 11h30 Pause – Kellie Leitch speech


11h30 to 11h40 President speech

11h40 to 12h05 Leader closing speech

12h05 Convention ends