Big Trouble, Little Quebec 5: Interview with Adrien Pouliot

Big Trouble, Little Quebec - A landmark episode #5 of BTLQ, I interview the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec. This is my first ever interview and learning new editing software, so bear with me. I did my best. This was recorded May 25th, 2018.

Adrien Pouliot at CJAD 800 AM

Today at CJAD 800 AM Montréal - Listen to our leader Adrien Pouliot at The Leslie Roberts Show: Looking for another choice besides the Liberals and the CAQ? Well the Conservative Party of Quebec would like a word

In response to Minister Kathleen Weil

Ms. Weil,

The Bonjour, Hi motion was not misunderstood by the Anglophones in this province. In fact, the message was delivered loud and clear – English, and by extension, Anglophones, are not welcome here. To say that there wasn’t a negative message in the motion merely insults the intelligence of Quebecers