Bill 143 : it’s a big "NO!"

Montreal, November 10, 2017 – The Conservative Party of Québec has compiled the responses to its web survey regarding private home childcare (HCC) services and bill 143 and the conclusions are crystal clear: it’s a big « NO » to the bill!



The survey indicates that an overwhelming majority of private HCC providers oppose bill 143. A majority pf parents using private HCC services also oppose the bill, many being concerned about the very survival of these services and the prospects of having to scramble to find an alternative.


The survey also indicates that the real goal of the bill is believed to not be what it appears, the ostensible goal announced by the minister being the security of our children. Many other reasons are thought to motivate the government in writing this legislation : reducing the competition to public child care services which are losing ground to the private sector or closing down private HCC services.

And when it comes to deciding who should have the last word on which childcare service and which childcare professional should be taking care of our little ones, the answer is almost unanimous: parents, and not the single-window access system that the minister wants to impose on the private HCC services.

For Adrien Pouliot, leader of the Conservative Party of Québec, the conclusions are not a surprise : « It is very clear, when you take the time to listen to the owners of private home childcare services, that they are very upset by the bill. Nobody believes that the bill is motivated by the security of our little darlings. It’s rather a thinly-veiled and ill-conceived attempt to extend the ever-increasing regulatory burden of the bureaucracy on hundreds of small Québec businesses whose very survival is now at stake. I encourage parents to show their support and join to the owners of private HCC services who will be protesting the bill this Sunday at 12h30 in front of the National Assembly and of the minister’s riding office in Sherbrooke.”

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