Proposal for Sex-Ed Press Release

For immediate release

September 24, 2018

QUEBEC – A government of the Conservative Party of Québec will suspend the Liberal sex education program and launch public consultations with parents, like in Ontario

The conservative leader said in new videos which were published on the party’s social media platforms, that in matters of sex education “parents should decide rather than bureaucrats."

If elected, Mr. Pouliot would take action to suspend the Liberal Party's sex-ed curriculum which was rolled out without any public consultation and for which the final pilot project report is still outstanding.  He stated: "That's typical of the Quebec government - the nanny state, big government - bureaucrats who decide instead of parents."

Quebec’s sex-ed pilot project was conducted in less than 1% of all schools, leaving parents in over 99% of schools in the dark about its very existence, content, or impact on the academic curriculum. The Quebec government held no public consultations with parents responsible by law for the children directly impacted by this program. Parent committees failed to inform, poll, and represent the majority of Quebec parents sitting outside of those selective committees, regarding their views on this program.  The Conservative Party of Québec will be transparent towards parents and allow them to be part of the decision-making process, especially for such a delicate, sensitive and personal subject matter as sex education.

Unlike Philippe Couillard, Adrien Pouliot will listen to parents who are children’s first educators.  He said "if we are elected, we will set aside those classes for the time being and have a real consultation with parents."

According to the conservative leader, the province needs to remodel its education system to ensure that the needs of students and the constructive action of parents are at the heart of the school system. Parents and their children must be the primary and ultimate focus of managers of primary and secondary schools.

"We believe that parents are better positioned than bureaucrats to decide what kids should learn at school" concluded Mr. Pouliot.

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Candidate for the Conservative Party of Québec in the riding of Jacques-Cartier
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