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September 24th 2018

QUEBEC – A government of the Conservative Party of Québec is the only solution to properly manage government expenditures and put more money back into the wallets of citizens, said its leader Adrien Pouliot Monday, one week before the end of the election.

The Quebec government is inefficient and wastes our tax dollars”, argues the conservative leader in his most recent video on social media.

The party is inspired by the best international models to manage the health and education systems. According to Mr. Pouliot, it is time for the province to look at what is happening elsewhere in the world to innovate.

We want to do the same as in Europe, where many of their public hospitals, which are covered by free universal health care insurance, are managed by the private sector”, sums up the leader. “For example, at St-Goran hospital, in Stockholm, Sweden, private management has resulted in an increase in the quality of care offered as well as in patient and employee satisfaction rates, while showing a decrease in in waiting time and costs.”

Another example of better tax dollar management is in education where the Conservative Party wants to abolish French-language school boards.

The government of Nova Scotia just abolished its English-language school boards and guess what happened? The schools are still open!” explains Adrien Pouliot when questionned on this issue. “It’s a savings of 500 million dollars that we can send directly to schools.”

Besides the four parties that are already represented at the National Assembly, the Conservative Party of Québec is the political formation that will have the most candidates on the ballot papers, with 101 out of 125 representatives.

On October 1st, I vote conservative because I want better services at a lower cost”, concludes M. Pouliot.

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For more information, contact: Nicolas Boni-Rowe (514-774-2664), [email protected]

Communications Officer of the Conservative Party of Quebec for the 2018 election


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