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September 9th, 2018

QUEBEC – A government of the Conservative Party of Québec will reduce taxes for = all Quebecers. A middle-class household could see its tax bill decrease by up to 36%, announced the leader Adrien Pouliot.

We will increase the amount from which you begin to pay taxes from 15 000$ to 20 000$”, he explained in multiple videos shared on the Party’s social media platforms.

Lowering taxes for all Quebecers is one of the top priorities of the only centre-right party on the Québec political scene. As a reminder, Quebecers are the second most taxed people in the world (Journal de Montréal, January 13th 2017).

On average, Quebecers work until June 21 to pay their yearly taxes at all levels. This fiscal slavery must stop!” claims Adrien Pouliot.

According to him, his party is the only one that really wants to reduce the tax burden in the province.

This increase in the basic personal exemption will help the less affluent. It will allow someone working at the minimum wage to pay no taxes. “If the minimum wage is the minimum needed to enjoy a decent standard of living, why is the government taxing it?” asks the conservative leader.

On October 1st, I vote conservative because I want to pay less tax », he concluded.


For more information contact: Nicolas Boni-Rowe, communications officer for the Conservative Party of Québec for the 2018 general election.


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