The PCQ Breaks from the Other Parties on the Supply Management System

Adrien Pouliot sides with Quebec consumers.

August 31, 2018

QUÉBEC - "Stop hiding your heads in the sand!"

That is how Adrien Pouliot, leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec and candidate in Chauveau, called the leaders of the other political parties who defend the supply management system.

"I understand that the other traditional political parties want to solicit the vote of a few farmers. The Conservative Party of Québec would rather side with consumers. According to the OECD, the Canadian population pays more than three billion dollars extra for its milk, poultry and eggs because of this system. How can the Liberal Party defend a system that makes households in the poorest quintile pay about 340$ more per year for their groceries than if there had been no supply management system? "asked Mr. Pouliot.

"Nearly 90% of Canadian farms currently operate out of supply management system. Almost all agricultural production is therefore subject to the realities of the market and to competition and is doing fine thank you."

Supply management is also expensive for young farmers. In Quebec, where the quota price represents almost half of the total value of a dairy operation, you are practically asked to buy your farm twice: once to own it, and another to have the right to produce milk. All this money spent on quota acquisition is money that will not be invested in equipment, animals, technological improvements, anything that makes it possible to grow and make profitable a farm.

Mr. Pouliot believes that we must stop burying our collective heads in the sand and prepare for the after-supply management system by encouraging a more efficient and competitive agriculture. "We can not compromise a free trade treaty that benefits 30 million Canadians to protect 12 300 farmers” he said.

A Conservative Government in Québec would adopt measures to help agricultural entrepreneurs adapt to the inevitable changes that are coming.

  • Itwould lower the tax burden on farm entrepreneurs by 40% to help them reduce their production costs and face international competition.
  • It wouldreduce the overwhelming regulatory burden imposed on agricultural entrepreneurs. Bureaucracy must be minimized in order to preserve the time spent managing the farm business. The MAPAQ and the MDDELCC must stop working in silos and coordinate their activities in the field.
  • Itwould help entrepreneurs export their products to other Canadian provinces and international markets.   The Party would promote entrepreneurs' access to appropriate training at the cutting edge of technology, not only for production methods but also on modern marketing techniques. According to Mr. Pouliot, "our dairy farmers produce great dairy products. I will help them do even better and market their products around the world."

“And if the supply management system ends up falling under the onslaught of globalization and international treaties, a Conservative government in Québec would be present to compensate farmers and support them in the transition”, he concluded.




For more information, contact: Nicolas Boni-Rowe
Communications Officer of the Conservative Party of Quebec for the 2018 election
[email protected]