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August 30th, 2018

QUEBEC - A government of the Conservative Party of Québec will remove the Québec sales tax on all used goods, including on used cars.

We tax a good that has already been taxed when it was sold new […] On October 1st, I am voting conservative because I want to pay less QST”, says Adrien Pouliot, the leader of the Conservative Party, in a video that was published on social media Thursday.

For the Conservative Party, “the real right-of-centre party” according to François Legault, removing this tax is necessary so that Quebecers can see some money back into their wallets, but also because its elimination can, in its own way, help the environment.

The more a good is used during a longer time period, the smaller its ecological footprint”, clarifies the leader of the Conservatives. “To apply the QST on used goods discourages people from buying them and it encourages overconsumption”, he adds.

M. Pouliot can’t understand why the Liberal Party of Québec or the Parti Québécois never thought of including this kind of proposal during their combined reign in power of more than 40 years. For him, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) and its leader François Legault aren’t the solution either because their candidates are offsprings from the other two parties.

This proposal is based on common sense and on social justice values. It is time to make some room for conservative ideas in Québec”, demands Adrien Pouliot.

Furthermore, the Conservative Party thinks that the removal of QST on used goods would be beneficial for the less affluent in society because this tax is regressive and affects disproportionately Quebecers who have a low income.

Yes, the government needs to be adequately funded by taxes, but that tax burden must not discourage people from working and must not become an unacceptable burden to their economic freedom” adds the leader of the Quebec conservative.

On October 1st 2018, if you want real change at the National Assembly and if you are tired of paying sales tax numerous times on the same good, vote for the Conservative Party because you can”, concludes Adrien Pouliot.


For more information contact: Nicolas Boni-Rowe, communications officer for the Conservative Party of Québec for the 2018 general election.


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